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International Women's Day Dr. Seema Rao Selfies pose

Seema Rao, otherwise called India's Wonder Woman is India's first lady commando mentor having prepared Special Forces of India for a long time without remuneration. She is a pioneer in close quarter fight (CQB) the specialty of battling in tight closeness — and is associated with preparing different Indian powers. 

Her work was cooperated by Major Deepak Rao, who got Presidential position respect from the Indian President for spearheading close quarter fight preparing for Indian Army. 

Destined to an opportunity warrior of India, Professor Ramakant Sinari, Seema grew up focused on the reason for serving her nation. Seeking after an instruction in prescription, she guaranteed as a specialist in traditional drug. Rao likewise has a MBA in emergency the board. Collaborating with her better half, Major Deepak Rao, she added to preparing 15,000 warriors in current close quarter fight. 

Rao earned her Para Wings by skydiving in the Indian Air Force course. She is a battle giving teacher, an Army mountaineering establishment HMI medalist, and a seventh degree Blackbelt in military combative techniques. She is one of a bunch of educators on the planet approved to instruct Jeet Kune Do. She has been a Mrs India World excellence expo finalist, as well. An expert military battle example, her ancestry follows to Richard Bustillo, unique follower of the amazing Bruce Lee's specialty of Jeet Kune Do. 

She is alluded to as India's first lady commando mentor and has had articles including those on ladies wellbeing distributed on her

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