Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Old memories quotes in english

"The people ever die, but their memories are ever alive."

Friends this is another thing that memories try to keep alive the person make like a family member or make a best friend mostly by photographs or videos.

we ever lost in the past, remember our old or blur memories and give a smile which too small.in that minutes we feel some feelings which we feel in our past time.     

 "People ever give up, but memories never give up."

Today we have many accessories with digital technology, like video camera's, still photo camera's latest mobile phone, without this our computers, like a laptop or home PC.etc.

     In these things, we save our memories safely. Friends we know that our memories or pics (photographs) how costly,  so we ever thankful of all makers who make all devices which do more help us for save our memories and thankful of photographers who make memory original.

      Friends colors and style is more change in photography like society. these photographs are a mirror of our past which cover our relations, emotions, activities and other things, some memories do sad and some give pleasure, so this is the reason that memories or photographs make us alive.

    "Did not matter you will come or not, matter only your memories will be ever here"

                So friends if you like our sharing then write in comments.


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