Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Diwali wishes in hindi दीपावली की शुभकामनाएं फोटो

"The ownership of crimes stay never forever, truth and humanity always win in this war."                             

Diwali is the big knight festival of India .acording the history of this festival. Sh.Ram Chandra Ji came out after 14 years compete for his banishment with the wife Sita Ji and brother Laxman Ji.in this period many monsters killed by him. Hanuman was ever with him mostly with the war of Most knowledgeable monster Ravan.

                 Diwali is the festival of lights, today's knight almost converts in the day by lights.many types of lights use by people.by the bomb and rockets all knight do shine.

                On the other side, in this day or knight people give sweets and fruits each other .many types of celebration in different states. all country almost pray to Loard Laxmi Ji and Ganesh Ji.

                   This is the time period, the business of selling in many categories, be an upper label,  like gold, cloth, silver, diamond and more assaccories things.this is a festival of fun and decorating home .befor some days looking more crowd in the bazaar.

                 Many companies launch their new products in this time .this festival recon more lucky for everyone.

                   On the other side the pollution do more growth, extra money vast, almost we can see the cases of fire by the bombs or rockets. the smugglers are active, most people go casinos and vast their valuable money. without this more negativities which we can see or feel.

           Friends celebrate the festival with respect and humanity. Be secure and keep secure to others .control the voice of bombs, control the pollution, control the money lose.

                  friends give respect and take respect.how to feel you about our article, give your suggestions in the comments.

              Happy Diwali.....thank you...

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