Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Selfie with celebrity vin diesel

The real name of Vin Diesel is Mark Sinclair .fast and furious and triplex , guardian of galaxy his famous films. Without these files, he made more popular files. Today's time Diesel more popular person reason his work, his fans popularity. His dream complete in India, take to promote fast and furious 8, with Dipika Padukone .hi never meet his real father. He started to play when he 7years old.now he is 49 years old but. He is very famous with more girls in the media. He does not show his personal life. He does something ever new .he born in the middle-class family. Now he is great with his own hard work.

           Now if we talk about his income, his daily income is 162,202$. His weekly income is 1,135,412$ and now we talk about his monthly income, his monthly income is 4,541,667$. Friends, you know that he has a big Atlanta mansion, ya friends have a big Atlantic mansion, the price of that is 3.3 million$. Vin Diesel is a big fan of cars. He has many cars, like 

1.pontica Bonneville 1966
Price is 75,000$.
2.1969 dodge charger daytona 
Price is 50,000$.
3.1970 playmouth roadrunner 
Price is 45,000$.
4.Cherrolet chovelle 1970
Price is 15,000$
Without these cars, he has more costly cars.hi is crazy about cars. Friends one more thing that he love pets many types of pets in his home. He ever enjoys his life with family and with his friends, like the rock and others, he ever misses his x friend Paul walker.

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